On Anti-Racism

If you are a person who believes in love, justice, integrity and equity for all people, then you know that this work is non-negotiable.

– Layla Saad, activist and author of Me & White Supremacy

This work is for people who identify as white and/or anyone who benefits from being seen by others as having white skin/has white privilege. 

For most people who identify as white, learning how to be anti-racist is a challenging, ongoing journey. I provide brave space and guidance to support that work. In our sessions together, we may touch on topics such as white supremacy, racism, whiteness, intersectionality, and allyship. We can explore the cost of racism to all of us and how we can address racism at both the systemic and personal levels. 

All you need to do this work is curiosity and an open heart and mind. I invite you to listen deeply, to yourself and the ideas you will encounter, and to be open to learning something new. While you may feel discomfort, you will not be alone with it. Instead of shame, or guilt about your thoughts and questions, we root our work in discovery and non-judgement. 

What will you learn?

  • The impact of racism
  • How to show up for people of color in your life, from family and friends to work colleagues
  • The value of making mistakes
  • The power of curiosity and conversation
  • The importance of listening to and believing people of color
  • How to build resilience for your ongoing anti-racism practice

I have experience working in a wide range of environments including: corporate and non-profit organizations, secular and faith-based groups, schools and citizen-run initiatives. I enjoy working with individuals as well as groups of all sizes. 

About Me

I identify as a white Jewish cisgender woman and mother. I am actively involved in racial equity work in my children’s school districts, our synagogue and in my town. I am also an active member for the last several years of Showing Up for Racial Justice – Marin. I partner with Affirmative Acts Coaching a POC and Trans-led coaching and training firm. Past clients include Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation, Crossroads, Pantheon and Futures Explored.