What Clients are saying

A friend recommended Ruth Ann to me after I was in a major accident and needed to make some big changes in my life. I wanted to slow my life down, quit a job that I had worked very hard to get and move to the country. Ruth Ann helped bring clarity to the areas I needed help with. She helped me to sift through old beliefs and name them, allowing me to let go of old patterns and focus on creating the life that I really wanted. She also helped me to claim and own my gifts as a practitioner and to celebrate my uniqueness. Ruth Ann is a talented coach and wonderful listener. She is encouraging in a way that sparks innovation, creativity and hope. Her follow up emails were excellent reminders for me, held me accountable and helped me to complete tasks. I had some big eye opening moments sitting across from Ruth Ann about myself and what held me back. I am happy to say that over the course of 7 months, with Ruth Ann’s guidance and support, I quit the job that no longer served me, I moved to the country and have created a life that I love!!!

Lisa Zeppegno
Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist, Equine Acupressure Petaluma, CA

Left drained and uninspired by graduate school, and a grueling professional licensing process, I landed on Ruth Ann’s doorstep exhausted, unfocused, and questioning the wisdom of choices I had made.  She skillfully learned how to understand my unique way of getting momentum going, and of making decisions.  A supportive and intuitive taskmaster with a keen sense of humor, she guided me back to a place where I can simultaneously get the rest I need, while continuing to take proactive steps in multiple areas of my life from a place of authenticity and joy.  Six months later, I am reenergized, have building blocks in place for professional success, discovered an affordable way to sponsor a horse, reignited my passion for photography, and, best of all, can nap without guilt, although not quite as much as my cat does. Thank you Ruth Ann.

Nicole DeVito
Educator, Cowgirl, Photographer Berkeley, CA

I came to Ruth Ann with an idea for the work I wanted to do. The idea was very big. Alarmingly big. And even worse, it came directly from my heart and I had never done anything remotely like it in the past. I wanted to create a museum about adoption. As I started describing the idea, Ruth Ann received it in a very powerful way.  Just through her presence and her listening, in the span of a few minutes, she communicated so much: respect for and curiosity about my idea, empathy for my fears, and confidence that I could do it. Looking back, this was a critical moment for my project. It encouraged me to take another step forward. And that next step is everything when you’re just beginning.

Laura Callen
Founder and Director
Adoption Museum Project Berkeley, CA

When I was shifting from the for-profit to non-profit world, Ruth Ann was of massive support – part coach, part mentor, part consultant – asking provocative questions, offering vocational wisdom, and igniting my own values. She has so much experience, tenderized with a great sense of human development and life perspective – wise, soulful, funny, warm, and wonderful.

Michelle Latvala
Executive Director
Spirit Rock Meditation Center Woodacre, CA

Ruth Ann has been an incredible support, presence, and blessing in assisting me through the development of both my personal and professional life goals. As a coach, she is approachable, real, and welcoming. I appreciate the comfortable space that she provides, making it natural to talk about a range of ideas and feelings that can be necessary to share in getting to the crux of the work. Ruth Ann’s supportive and action-oriented style, the value she places on obtainable goals and accountability, her insightful thought-provoking questions, and her down-to-earth nature make it a real treat to work with her. I feel very lucky to have come across Ruth Ann and her coaching business.

Shayna Marmar
Cooking Educator, Consultant, Small Business Owner Philadelphia, PA

While suffering a tremendous personal loss, standing at a career crossroad, and feeling stuck — in the midst of a figurative and literal pile of responsibilities –I knew that I needed help. I needed tools, understanding, direction, strong encouragement, and someone to guide and witness my effort to regain momentum. As a coach, Ruth Ann Binder met these needs and helped me to sort through my grief, work issues and clutter. Her coaching is empowering and insightful. I felt supported enough in her presence to accomplish deeply personal work in sessions where I felt free to accept, challenge, or commit to explore the ideas that she offered to help me move forward. Our sessions were a place that I could laugh easily and where I could honestly share sadness, tears and disappointment. She met my resistance with guiding questions, patience and persistence –positively. She met my achievements with support, but also helped me find ways to personally acknowledge and celebrate my own growth. Binder Coaching has my highest respect and recommendation. Should I find myself in need of coaching again — for career and/or life transitions– I will definitely seek out Ruth Ann’s expertise.

Karen Ransom

Ruth Ann provided support, encouragement, and reflection during a time of great change in my professional life.  I was struggling to make the decision to leave a senior position at a large institution and return to my consulting practice.  Many things were at stake, including financial resources, family sanity, my ability to parent well, personal health and well-being, etc., and Ruth Ann helped me lay everything out in the sun and get to a sense of understanding about my next steps. I can get myself confused and in a fog when making big decisions, but Ruth Ann’s quiet persistence and ability to reflect my own thoughts back to me, helped me see what was really at stake.  I made a decision that I know was the right one, even though it hasn’t always been an easy road…I am grateful for Ruth Ann’s ability to navigate tricky waters and help find clarity!

Philanthropic Consultant
Oakland, CA

I’ve worked with Ruth Ann for seven months. Ruth Ann has well developed deep listening skills and a gentle supportive spirit. She creates a safe place to explore whatever issues you bring to the coaching table. I am especially grateful for her ability to ask curious thoughtful questions that create helpful ladders in chaotic, messy, uncertain or scary areas. She is able to hear both what is directly shared and what might be lurking underneath. She offers gentle guidance and challenges regularly in sessions and often follows up sessions with additional resources or ideas. She is also a wonderful cheerleader for both large and small successes along the way. I came to Ruth Ann for assistance in developing a new career path but have been able to also address personal struggles as they intersect with professional development. She’s helped me develop a solid framework and foundation to make the changes I want and supported me as I put ideas into actions.

Jennifer Tanguay
Sr Human Resources Associate

Ruth Ann is by far the most insightful coach I have worked with. She knows how to ask the right questions for you that will get to your core challenges. She is so effective because of her uncanny ability to see big picture patterns combined with her knack at holding you accountable for important details. Ruth Ann is lovely to work with; warm, compassionate, open, and possessing a wonderful sense of humor, plus so much more that I find difficult to put into words. Ruth Ann often sees something so potent and so overlooked that I find my self choked up; that’s when I know we’re really onto something! I am likely to both laugh and cry in each coaching conversation with her! Anyone who works with Ruth Ann is sure to both enjoy her as a coach and benefit from their work together.

Deanna Simon
Environmental Consultant Portland, OR

I have used Ruth Ann over two years as my coach. I started a new daunting position as the first executive director hired for two long-standing nonprofit organizations that had just been formally merged for 4 months. One of the terms that I requested when I was selected was that I have an executive coach to help me navigate through the challenges and tribulations of change and organizational roadblocks. Since I knew that Ruth Ann had been an executive director before and also was beginning the journey as an executive coach I thought it would be a good fit. While we worked on issues, the more important and relevant outcomes was the “mirror” that Ruth Ann provided so that I could see myself. That if I could change and understand much more deeply myself – motivations, skills, self-sabotage, life experiences, history and living gremlins (our thoughts that get in our way) – that we carry that we could be more effective and live a more centered and deepened life. I found while there were many external factors, the best insights and “aha” moments came from within. She was able to see the whole person, and I stared the journey to really live from the inside out with our regular sessions. Some coaching exercises we shared were to create or visualize my future which was indeed breathtaking. She was readily available either in person or electronically, but I enjoyed the face to face interactions as she embraced the challenges and engaged my best self to living a full authentic life. I would highly recommend Ruth Ann as a coach that takes your whole life into consideration and moves me to where I dreamed to go.

Lawland Long
Executive Director
FACES San Francisco, CA

Ruth Ann has a very intuitive yet concrete style of coaching that worked very well for me. It is a unique blend of spiritual and focused approaches that helped me delve into my deepest desires around career and family while staying focused on everyday task that were required to achieve my new identified goals. Through her coaching I was able to access a more positive way of relating to my current job, identify my future dream job, and identify my current values around my goals of family.  She is a true inspiration, her caring warm spirit are a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her as a life coach.

Alexa Kielty
Zero Waste Specialist San Francisco, CA

Working with Ruth Ann really went beyond our short time together.  While the calls were very helpful, it was the work I did in between that really got me to where I am now. She helped me organize my thoughts which were overwhelming and gave me things to do to get them out of my head.  It really went to a sub –conscious  level, things we discussed are still with me. Even if you think you know what you should be doing, it’s helpful to have someone not only guide you, but give you tools and accountability to get what you need to get done.

One of the things that I struggled with the most was the overwhelm of organizing my business, and she suggested to start by organizing my workspace, which looked like my brain dumped everything on my desk. This led to great change, my office is now in another space, with a nice desk and nearly everything is in its place, but I am a work I progress. Ruth Ann’s approach was simple, calm and not overwhelming which was exactly what I needed

Kim Murray Wellness Coach 
Traverse City, MI

I signed up to work with Ruth Ann at a period in my life when I wanted to stop “phoning it in” to work that had become stagnant and to relationships stuck in unimaginative and deadlocked patterns.  She was my first coach, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  What I got remained fresh and engaged and very inspiring throughout our six months of working together.  Ruth Ann helped me tease out some work and life goals that continue to inspire and excite me and she helped me put a viable plan in place to progress toward those goals.  She skillfully wove important threads from past sessions into our current session. Most important, she helped me understand my creative process and how I can tap it.  I highly recommend Ruth Ann.

Marya McNeish
Durham, NC